And what`s the last thing his head needs?  Hair since it only distracts from thinking.

Markus is a “Berliner” and only the Alps could stop him. So he ended up in Munich where he loves to live since then. His law studies were the second obstacle in his way. He found out – roughly quoting Achternbusch (a Bavarian filmmaker) – “as long as the Alps exist there is no justice". Markus Beldig is still working on it…

Markus quit his studies at the time in order to finally live his true talent: mindreading. His passion became his profession, the lawyer a mentalist. And he found his mental habitat someplace else: in a country where some hills have names like “Hollywood”.

In 1965 he was born into a generation that brought up Primal Scream and that – with a click of the mouse – is able to catapult the world into outer space. He has ventured
into realms of the mind that might burst our imagination. He has discovered how
we can fuse our five senses into a sixth!

Not only does he cook passionately but also enchants everyone with
his gentleman manners. His hallmark is a beguiling shimmering
grey suit, totally different from the one Donald Duck wears.
Btw. Donald is his secret idol, but Markus would never admit

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